A second day devoted to ISOMAT’s children!

Due to the elections and the delayed completion of the exam period in High Schools, and after considering the employees’ as well as the children’s request, we repeated our visit to the Educational Center of the 6th Fire Station of Sindos.

The event took place on Thursday, the 26th of June 2014, and began with an introduction to ISOMAT, followed by a visit to the Department of Technical Applications of the company, where several products were presented. Then, the children took a tour to the Industrial Area of Sindos and a deeper look into the history of industrial areas.

The training program of the Fire Station service was adjusted to the children’s age, and apart from the firefighting and fire protection issues, it also included vocational guidance and volunteering. Later, the children had the chance to practise using the fire extinguishing means.

In the afternoon, we returned to the company’s premises, where the children were offered books and exchanged wishes for a nice summer holiday!